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Born in Morocco and raised as an immigrant child, Ali Eddaoudi struggled his way up to the top. After getting the education he needed, he started working as a teacher and later on as a spiritual counselor in prison, hospitals and within the Dutch military. He has been a public figure and while sometimes walking on the edge, he always wants to build bridges between all people.

Spiritual counseling

In modern spiritual counseling the most important thing is to listen to the one sitting in front of you. Everbody is unique and has his/her own specific needs. Ali Eddaoudi knows this and makes this part of his counseling.

  • Personal guidance
  • Ali Eddaoudi listens to all who want to be heard without judging or being limited by cultural conflicts or taboos. He has shown his competence regarding the following, among other things:
  • Guidance within the personal life (being marriage, parents, psychological care)
  • Spiritual coaching of athletes
  • Intermediate concerning work related conflicts
  • Support during illness
  • Coaching to succes (internal/external)
  • Coaching of (young) delinquents
  • Bereavement ans islamic rituals (janazah)
  • Detecting and remediating radicalisation
  • Advising sports clubs, local and (inter-)national authorities concerning religion and culture
  • Advising the police and the Ministry of Justice
  • Lectures aimed at anyone dealing with diversity issues, islam and culture


Although his focus is the client with a muslim background, Ali Eddaoudi shows respect and care for everyone. Every individual is unique and has specific needs. Therefore Ali customizes his work so every client gets the help he/she needs.

For whom?

When you are stuck in your life and you want someone to talk to who has knowledge of the many cultural backgrounds there are, especially muslim backgpounds. If you feel you aren’t being heard in the regular mental healthcare. If you are an employer and you experience a gap between yourself en employees from different cultural and religious beackground.

If you can relate top the above in any way then you can contact Ali Eddaoudi. You can also get in touch with Ali if you want a lecture, lessons or an inspirational story.

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